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Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary VGary Vaynerchuk was born on November 14, 1975 in the former Soviet Union known as Belarus. He is a 3 time New York Times Best-Selling Author, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, public speaker and Ceo of Vaynermedia. Gary has also invested in a number of start-up companies, birch box, Uber, Twitter and Facebook, he also grew and ran his own wine business.

Gary understands the value behind good marketing and copywriting services and what they can do for a business. He always stressed how Uber disrupted the black car industry with their on demand app and smart marketing. At almost every public speaking gig he uses Uber as a motivational push for aspiring entrepreneurs, anything is possible. Gary did not invest into this companies immediately, but he eventually did. He is now a very successful business man and is a Social Media King. Sorry Grant!

Every where you turn Gary is or was there, he had his wine YouTube channel that basically launched his brand and made him the man he is today. – This link will take you to one of Gary’s oldest Wine Library Tv Episodes, 9 years ago to be exact. He always believed in the depth of your audience vs the width, basically it really doesn’t matter how many followers or subscribers you have, it’s all about the content you can provide to that one interested person.

Gary would show up every day hustle on his channel and make it happen for the audience he did have. “It is easy to quit when you feel what you are doing is not working or useful”, Gary inspires folks to think otherwise.

In recent years Gary has stepped his game up for his audience, he has written three best selling books Crush it, “The Thank You Economy” and Jab, Jab Hook. He also launched a successful show on his you tube channel titled The #AskGaryVee Show. The Ask Gary Vee show is a platform for fellow entrepreneurs to get their twitter questions answered by Gary V himself. The show is currently on pace to hit it’s 170th broadcast in the next few weeks.

It’s funny, if you follow Gary V obsessively like I do you know that behind everything he does he has a huge goal in mind. He hopes one day to buy and own the New York Jets, I’m not a fan but hey whatever pushes a man to greatness go for it. I am a die hard New England Patriots fan so maybe one day I can buy them out from Mr. Kraft as well. The point behind wanting to buy the Jets is pure motivation to keep moving forward. If you have a huge end goal in mind, you will win at all the little everyday things.

Mr. Vanynerchuk has been an inspiration to many millennial entrepreneurs, he has invested in companies he believes will win, even if he takes his time to do so (Clear Throat) Uber. Gary will continue to create content not to convert folks into believing in him, but to speak to the ones who already do. There may be a group of people he may not be able to covert, and it’s those pesky New England TB12 fans, Sorry Gary.

Gary V Quote- “I Love The Climb”