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Grant Cardone


Grant Cardone was Born on March 21, 1958 in Lake Charles, Louisiana. he is a renowned motivational speaker and very successful business man. He graduated from Lagrange High School in 1976, located in his hometown of Lake Charles. He then when on to college and acquired his Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Today

He is a very successful real investor and bestselling author of several self-improvement books and also sales training expert. Some of his books are the 10x rule, Sell or Be Sold, and the closer’s survival guide. Grant has made it his mission to meet and help 7 Billion people escape the “middle class life”. He is passionate about spreading his message about financial independence and freedom. He has helped all types of businesses ranging from tech companies and car dealerships to Hamilton paving services and many more.

He has been very successful at using social media to connect with his audience check out his site, it’s loaded with tons of content. He has tons of webinars with various co-host discussing anything to do with selling. If you know anything about Grant he is all about “selling to survive”. Sell or be sold goes into great depth about why everything in your life is a sell. Either your selling or being sold to!

Combining the 10x rule with the sell or be sold book will take your sales game to another level, no question about it. Not only does Grant give advice on how to sell yourself and 10x it, he lives it. You can catch uncle G almost every day on any available social media platform to get attention and educate fellow entrepreneurs. Some examples of the social media platforms are Periscope, Meerkat, Youtube Live, Facebook Mentions and Medium. Whatever platform is out there rest assure Grant is maxing it out to connect with his audience.

He bangs these platforms like a maniac not only to promote who he is, but to educate the masses on how to run their personal finance’s. In my time following Grant, I have noticed he does have a genuine passion for teaching people how to sell and produce real income. Grant teaches you things that most schools and instructions will not teach you through a textbook. It’s all about going out and taking massive action, G shows you how. His content will only get bigger and better, he wants all of his fellow business owners to succeed in a changing economy.

His past experience in 2008 has made him a better business man and he wants to use it to help you not make the same mistakes he did during those tough times. Grant has survived living a middle class life, his dad’s death, his mother’s death and an economic collapse. Who else would you take financial advice from? All Business owners and entrepreneurs need to get hooked up the Cardone University and increase your selling skills. He has a following and past clients who can attest to having success by hooking up with Grant Cardone.

I will leave you with an awesome Grant quote—

“There is no shortage of money, only a shortage of people thinking big enough”